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Get to Know Us

We are Christian influenced organization here to equip, empower and send creatives out into the world to impact communities.  We believe being infused in a culture while carrying the culture of family, transformations of healing, deliverance and love by the presence of God has the power to change nations.  


Our story began with a vision from our leader Ashley Allen in 2015 gathering her musician friends in the living room worshiping God together.  That later grew into traveling to nations creating the same culture.  God later gave her the vision to infuse this culture around the world.  It didn't just stop at having gatherings of music and worship, it was to build up creatives who are called out to lead with their gifts and talents and prepare them for the world. 

So now, Ashley travels from country to country, city to city training up creatives to be impactful and understanding what they are carrying while  empowering them to be a healthy individual spiritually, emotionally and physically.

We continue to grow with programs and connections to ensure creatives are being loved and giving love around the world.

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