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Our Vocal Lab

Join the Creative Lab and grow as an artist!  We encourage you to thrive, grow your skill with confidence and leap into the journey you have been dreaming!  Register for a class today!

Enjoy our classes in multiple ways.  We also offer virtual and in- studio sessions.

A woman singing in a record studio


Enjoy 15 minutes of exploring your vocal needs and goal with a vocal coach.  No cost and no strings. You make the decision of your next steps after exploring in this vocal session.

Start Worship Leadership Lab Today!

What's included?

  • Vocal coaching

  • Walk through coaching of being a leader off-stage.

  • Learn techniques to enhance your ability as a leader and minstrel.

  • Learn how to lead on stage

  • Choosing songs

What to expect?

In the Worship Leadership Lab, we work one-on-one with the leader training and developing them to be a God-focused, Spirit-led leader who presents from places they have been with the Father themselves. We encourage, develop, and mentor each leader.   I am here to partner with you on your journey

Image by Dushawn Jovic

Worship Leadership 101

Receive worship leadership development with Coach Ashley Allen.  We are here to grow spiritually and skillfully.  These classes are in small groups of 4-10.  Each class is 2 hours for 3 weeks.  


What to expect:

Group worship

Vocal Technique drills

Choosing songs and keys

Connecting to the songs

Classes Starting soon!

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